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Portuguese citizenship

Extensive experience and professionalism are our greatest advantage that made dreams come true to dozens of our satisfied customers who currently receive their Spanish citizenship.
With the same professionalism, we started to work with the authorities in Portugal which in February 2015 approved the law allowing descendants of Sephardic Jews who were expelled from their land to obtain the Portuguese citizenship.

This right is based on a procedure called CARTA DE NATURALEZA where applicants are required to prove that their family is descendents of the Sephardic from Portugal, based on family documents, last names, their knowledge in the ladino language and more.

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Get to know your children’s rights in the Nationality proceedings for Sephardic

The procedure of citizenship for the descendants of the expelled Jews from Spain is a procedure open for all descendents members in the family. The right for children to receive the Spanish citizenship is not depending on the implementation of the procedure by the parents. Get to know the options available for your children and choose the simplest and most economic one for them.

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The Spanish government published the law for Sephardic at the Boletin Oficial de Estado

On June 25th the Spanish government had published at the BOE the Nationality law for Sephardic (law number 12/2015). That law permits to obtain the Spanish nationality without any need to renounce the existing one, for the ones who can prove they are descendants of the Jewish community expelled from Spain in 1492 and maintains a strong links to Spain. Regarding that law, all application that have been applied regarding the actual Carta de Naturaleza law and haven’t been resolved yet, can be continued based on the new legislation procedure. The law will come into effect on October 1th. Those interested have a three-year period to apply for citizenship.

BOE: Nationality law for Sephardic

On the June 11th the Spanish government approved the law of Spanish Nationality for descendants of Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain in 1492

On the June 11th the Spanish government approved the law of Spanish Nationality for descendants of Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain in 1492. That law permits to obtain the Spanish nationality, without giving up the current citizenship or be required to move to Spain.

Applicants will have to prove having Sephardic origins by different kinds of personal documents as for presenting certificates from the Federation of the Jewish Communities in Spain, rabbis or Jewish community leaders. Family names that can be proved being originally of Spanish Sephardic or knowledge in Ladino o Haketia are also part of the evidence that will be considered globally.

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