Get to know your children’s rights in the Nationality proceedings for Sephardic

Get to know your children’s rights in the Nationality proceedings for Sephardic

The procedure of citizenship for the descendants of the expelled Jews from Spain is a procedure open for all descendents members in the family. The right for children to receive the Spanish citizenship is not depending on the implementation of the procedure by the parents. Get to know the options available for your children and choose the simplest and most economic one for them.

The Spanish law distinguishes between adult and minor children. A child over the age of 18 is considered an adult and therefore requires full citizenship process identical to the process of the parent. According to the actual nationality law for descendants of Jews expelled from Spain (12/2015), that process includes demonstrating the Sephardic origins, obligation to pass both language test and constitution knowledge exam and proving a current connection to Spain.

Minor children however, have a completely different process and much less complex:

1. If one of the parents received the Spanish citizenship, their minor children can adopt the Spanish nationality in a very simple and fast procedure, taking place mostly in the Spanish embassy in your state. This procedure hardly has any economic obligations, and the only condition is that the parent will complete the whole process (including taking an oath to the Spanish state) before the child reaches the age of 18.

2. If the parents did not begin the process of Spanish citizenship but want the option to be transferred to their children, there is a great advantage in realizing the process while the children are under the age of 18. Why? Because the Spanish nationality law for descendants of Sephardic only allows minors to starts an application procedure but does not require them to go through both exams, the Constitution or language test. This procedure requires mostly the demonstrating the Sephardic origins of the family, a process we are well known of.

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