Portuguese citizenship

Portuguese citizenship

Extensive experience and professionalism are our greatest advantage that made dreams come true to dozens of our satisfied customers who currently receive their Spanish citizenship.
With the same professionalism, we started to work with the authorities in Portugal which in February 2015 approved the law allowing descendants of Sephardic Jews who were expelled from their land to obtain the Portuguese citizenship.

This right is based on a procedure called CARTA DE NATURALEZA where applicants are required to prove that their family is descendents of the Sephardic from Portugal, based on family documents, last names, their knowledge in the ladino language and more.

The Portuguese procedure is essentially the same as the Spanish one and requires a clear and unequivocal proof that the applicant is a descendant of Sephardic Jews which belonged to the Jewish community in Portugal.
The initial analyzing of the information is made by a special committee of the Jewish community in Portugal. The committee examines the evidence and material for the request citizenship. After having the approval of the Jewish community, the application must be presented to the government authorities, with other documents needed, for approval and completion of the procedure.

Our firm handles all stages of the citizenship request, from advising and guidance in submitting the required documents, preparing and presenting the file to the Jewish community in Portugal, opening the file in front of the government authorities in Portugal, coordinating the citizenship and passport receipt in front of the Portuguese Embassy in your place of living.

Portuguese procedure, as opposed to Spanish, does not require to go through any test of language nor cultural/constitution knowledge. In addition, there is no requirement to reach Portugal during any step of the process.

A profesional preparation of the application and the ability to build a reliable, clear and completed cases are the main weight of the process. This is our expertise and there is nothing like the success of other cases and the positive opinions of our clients in Israel, Turkey and the USA to prove that.

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